Digital Degree is the first decentralized education platform.

Digital Degree is education collaborative platform that provides variety of online courses for the students. This is the most comprehensive curriculum available for the learning the fundamental as well as advance skills for blockchain and other platforms.

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Certified Courses

We are going to list variety of online courses on Digital Degree platform that allows user to learn various technologies and get certified in it.

No Age Limitation

Digital Degree offers different course for all people without any age limitation. We have divided courses from beginner to advance level for each and every age of people.

Blockchain Based Certificate

We provides certificate for all courses listed at Digital Degree. The professional profiles of all the candidate are verified and listed under the digital degree blockchain platform.

How to use DD Coin

DD Coins is offered by Digital Degree that use the power of blockchain technology and allows user to buy any certified course offered by Digital Degree.

Digital Degree will create integrated platform that where anyone can registered for any course that offered by us in different technology. We are offering some basic course at free of cost and some advance course has some fee that can be purchased by DD Coin.

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How to use DD Coin

Token Sale

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  • $3 M Soft Cap
  • $8 M Hard Cap
Total DD Coins 120,000,000 DD
Accepted Currency BTC, ETH
Pre-ICO Coin Price 1DD= 0.07 USD
ICO Coin Price 1DD= 0.09 USD
Project Protocol ERC20
Hard Cap 80,00,000 USD
Soft Cap 30,00,000 USD
DD Coin Token Distribution
Digital Degree Coin Token Distribution

Course Offered by Digital Degree

Digital Degree provides variety of online courses in different technology. This course will be available on digital degree platform.


Skill Level : beginner

Duration :15 Days

Blockchain Developer with Ethereum & Solidity

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 35 Days

Mobile Application Development with Blockchain

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 30 Days

Develop Ethereum dapp with Angular

Skill Level : Intermediate

Duration : 60 Days

Social Media Marketing for Blockchain Projects

Skill Level : beginer

Duration : 25 Days

Ethereum Game

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 45 Days

Investing in Blockchain

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 50 Days

Crowd Sale ICO app with Blockchain

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 35 Days

Solidity programming language for smart contract

Skill Level : All Levels

Duration : 25 Days



Digital Degree concept developed. Company Formation, Team Assembled.

Website and DD Coin app designed. Advisors join the team.

Launch alpha on Ethereum testnet.


Whitepaper release. Crowd Sale Announcement

Tokensale website developed.

Pre Sale

Public Sale

Token Distribution


Launch Digital Degree platform For All participant

Launching the first Blockchain Digital Degree course material. Hire field experts to manage project expansion. Source the best tutors.


Collaboration with Most Popular universities.

Partnership with indeed Job portal.

Digital Degree Certificate

Digital Degree certificate will be given by Digital Degree after completion of any online course that are available on digital degree platform. Once user complete the course and clear the online exam for that particular course, DD certificate will be assign to that candidate.

This certificate will also stored on blockchain server and that can be verified by private key. That private key will be unique for each certificate.



Digital Degree team is unique in Online Courses with blockchain and software expertise.

Christopher T. Gray


Ernesto H. Spalding


Eric Sisk

Chief Technology Officer(CTO)

Kathy J. Turner

Marketing Manager

Gloria I. Kim


Mark D. Clemens

Lead Blockchain Developer

Michael L. Barley

Chief System Engineer

Ralph J. Thompson

Software Developer

Amber E. Fahey

Senior Advisor

Kelly R. Todd

Blockchain Advisor

Ronald P. Murphy

Blockchain Advisor

Kristi E. Taylor

Finance Advisor

Digital Degree bounty programs

Digital Degree is proudly introducing the 1st round of the Bounty Program to reward our supporters with DDCoins.


1 What payment method do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payment option to buy the DDCoin.

2 How do I make more money with DDCoin?

Using DDCoin one can complete the online courses on Digital Degree platform and get the certificate. This certificate is valid for getting job in various profile and earn money.

3 How can I get DDCoin?

You can participate in Digital Degree token sale program and buy the DDCoin with bitcoin and ethereum payment option.

4 When DDCoin will be distributed?

Once the DDCoin ico is completed, you will able to claim your DDCoin in your wallet. Mean While you can see your DDCoin in the dashboard of DDCoin official website.

5 Where should I send my funds?

You only need to send your funds in DDCoin official tokensale platform. Please do not send any amount at any other platform.

6 Where I can use DDCoin?

You can purchase any course available on Digital Degree platform with your DDCoin. You can also trade your DDCoin in future in various exchange.

7 How Digital Degree is different apart from BitDegree and Odam?

Digital Degree is not only providing a online course or tutorial. We ensure our candidate to complete our online course and get a certificate provided by Digital Degree. This certificate is verified by blockchain technology and can be use to get job based on your skill.

8 What will be the fees of certification?

Each certificate will be different based on the different course. Digital Degree provides many courses in various technology and fees for that course may be different. You can check the fees on digital degree course platform.

9 How I can get the job?

We will create a platform for companies where job providers can list out their business requirement. A business owner can contact directly to the certified professionals through the digital degree business platform and you can get job based on your skill.