Digital Degree Telegram Sign-up Bounty Program

Digital Degree has allocated max 15,00,000 DD Coin for the “Telegram Sign Up" Campaign. In order to participate you must follow the rules and guidelines below.

How to join:
1. Join the Digital Degree Telegram Group


  • Join the Campaign = 10 DD Coin
  • Having the Digital Degree logo as profile picture = 10 DD Coin
  • Change your name on Telegram with Digital Degree = 10 DD Coin


  • Join the Digital Degree Telegram Group and stay in the channel until the end of the Public Sale - otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • Respect the rules the group has specified/pinned.
  • You can send bounty program data by filling one form. You will able to submit your bounty program data on our official website form. The form link will be available on this page once our pre-sale is completed.